7 og 8 Juni, Working in Organisations

Dette er en to dagers workshop med Frank Steammler

Balancing Motivations

The well-known colours of traffic lights – red, yellow, and green – represent three significant motivational states of mind: danger and threat, alertness and curiosity, as well as relaxation and safety. Frequently, problems for individuals and/or organisations result from a disadvantageous combination of these states of mind. However, if these motivational systems are at equilibrium to a sufficient degree, they will support each other and lead to a well-grounded and creative handling of challenges.

In this seminar we will study each of these motivational systems and try to apply their understanding to the situations that the participants deal with in their everyday work.

Frank Steammler har blandt annet skrevet bøkene:
Empathy in Psychotherapy: How Therapists and Clients Understand Each Other.
New York: Springer Publishing (2012).

Aggression, Time, and Understanding: Contributions to the Evolution of Gestalt Therapy. New York: Routledge, Taylor & Francis (GestaltPress), 2009.For mer informasjon se hans web side: http://www.frank-staemmler.de/www.frank-staemmler.de/Page_in_English.html


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